Автобетоносмеситель RENAULT 2008 KERAX 440.42 E3 8X4 CONCRETE MIXER 12m³

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32 950 €
≈ 37 770 $
≈ 16 320 000 тенге
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Тип автобетоносмеситель
Год выпуска 2008
Первая регистрация 2008-06-18
Пробег 361000 км
Объем 12 м³
Грузоподъемность 32000 кг
Собственный вес 17815 кг
Полная масса 49815 кг
Место расположения Турция
Дата размещения 24 дек 2021
Machineryline ID XP27734
Мощность 321 кВт (437 л.с.)
Топливо дизель
Объем 11100 см³
Евро Euro 3
Тип механика
Количество осей 4
Колесная формула 8x4
Подвеска рессора/рессора
Гидроусилитель руля
Центральный замок
Состояние б/у
Дополнительная информация
Цвет белый
Дополнительная информация

KM: 361.000

All necessary documents ready to register in Europe and other countries.

Vehicle is in Samsun location at ERCAL TRUCKS.

The vehicle is for sale by Ercal Kamyon Tir Pazari (Ercal Trucks). Ercal Trucks is the largest used truck dealer in Turkey. The firm has four branches in Turkey. These are; Istanbul, Ankara, Samsun and Izmir locations.

Ercal Trucks has been operating second hand truck trading business since 1992. The firms prioraity is customer satisfaction, and providing to our vauled customers kind service with specialized staff.

Kadir Ercal : kişileri göster - Whatsapp, Viber - (English, Turkish)
Ahmet Ercal : kişileri göster - Whatsapp, Viber - (English, Turkish)
Yunus Terzioglu : kişileri göster - Whatsapp -(English, Turkish)
Mete Arabacı : kişileri göster - Whatsapp, Viber - (Russian, Turkish)

Due to Corona (COVID-19) virus situation. Under Ercal Group Company , as Ercal Trucks and AFT Machiney we are trying to give a full service to our clients. Online and offline.

Purchasing vehicles from our websites have been made as easy as possible. You will be able to fully complete your orders online. Right after, our representatives are at your service to give you the needed support. We try to make it easy for you

Our staff members are available to you from distance.
You can reach us by phone, e-mail or through our whatsapp/viber service numbers. Start chatting directly with one of our staff members

All our vehice information is available on our websites.
Our complete supply of vehicles are up-to-date. All information is digitally available videos, pictures and vehicle information. If you have any questions one of our representatives is able to assist you

Vehicles can be ordered or reserved from distance by contacting any of our represantatives.
We can arrange full delivery of your vehicles.

You do not have the possibility to pick up your purchased vehicle in Turkey? No problem: We may assist you with transport. We exactly know how to deliver your vehicle to you. It is still possible to pick up the vehicle in person of course. However, it might take longer because of Corona situation.
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